Arkacia was once populated by the Notheans, a kingdom of Orcs which spanned the whole continent. Nothea, for all intents and purposes, was a utopia, with technology and magics more advanced than even what Arkacians have today.
The great mages of Nothea gathered together to create Luminosity’s Monolith, a giant magical spire in the center of the continent. The mages believed that this spire could channel the power of the divines, and with such magic they could collectively ascend to the heavens.
The spire obliterated the entirety of Nothea, killing most denizens and rendering cities and structures into ruins. Strangely, the bodies of said denizens ceased to exist.

The lands lay dormant for centuries, as ruins of what was crumbled, overgrew, and decayed. Eventually, several races from other continents migrated to the land of Nothea.

These races are:

Humans – The most populous of the Arkacian races.
Dwarves – Hard and sturdy mountain dwellers.
Eldari – High Elves, with a knack for politics and economics.
Anari – Wood Elves, hunters and gatherers, and master craftsmen.
Denari – Dark Elves, who strive to understand the mysteries and magic of Arkacia.

Now, these races have settled into their own towns and tribes. Each contributes to the culture of Arkacia.