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Keiko's Public Business Ledger  


Rabbitkin Keiko
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14/11/2019 10:01 pm  

I, Keiko Yurino, have created this document to keep a record of all transactions made with townships, kingdoms, or other business organizations.  A seperate document is kept in a private forum that details transactions made with individuals.


On (11/14/2019), sold thirteen thousand, eight hundred twenty-four(13,824) units of cobblestone to the township of Winterheim for the price of twelve(12) Drakes for every sixty-four(64) units of cobblestone, for a total of two thousand, five hundred ninety-two(2,592) Drakes.  Upon delivery, King Rorick of the Northern Pact, on behalf of the township of Winterheim, provided a tip of eight(8) Drakes.