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Mathos Town Rules  


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20/11/2019 7:47 am  

-All members of Mathos are to adhere to these rules-

1 - Mathos is a Peaceful Town so you must show no violence to any person or town (Self Defense Is Okay)

2 - Mathos has a Great deal of Natural Resources (public farms) and you MUST replace/replant anything you take from the environment

3 - Mathos has a strict NO STEALING policy. The Storehouse is public for everyone to take and give as they please (people who only take from the Storehouse will be punished)

4 - Any Construction must be approved by Kane Weller (Mayor) or Keiko Yurino (Co-Mayor)

5 -  Townspeople Shall not wear armor in town (Dyed Leather is only acception)


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20/11/2019 8:09 pm  

Addendum 5a: The wearing of heavy armor in Mathos is acceptable when the town is under attack or when you're planning to go hunting in the wilderness.  Non-combatants shouldn't need to wear armor in town, nor should anyone need to in times of peace.  This rule obviously does not apply to guards or militia either belonging to Mathos or to non-hostile visiting dignitaries from other townships and/or kingdoms.