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Northwatch Territorial Claim, 22nd day of Everspring, 214 ATC  


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22/03/2020 6:28 pm  

Article I:


Section I: 

This document is an official claim by the Kingdom of Northwatch to grant The Frozen Forest as the geographical capital of The Kingdom of Northwatch.


Section II: 

This document defines sovereign territory as holdings or lands owned by or under the control of the Kingdom of Northwatch.


Section III:  

This document can be amended, reformed, or revoked by a meeting of Jarl's or by the High King himself.


Section IV:

Purposeful violation of this claim by a foreign entity will be considered an act of treason against the High King and the Kingdom of Northwatch and will be brought before court.


Section V:

This document extends an invitation of annexation to The Kingdom of Northwatch to any current and future residents of The Frozen Forest.

Article II:


Section I:

This document establishes that it is the duty of the Kingdom of Northwatch to take action towards any aggressors before any action is taken against them.


Section II:

Those given the ability of grandfathering in their nation are not subject to this claim by the Kingdom of Northwatch, but are considered a brethren of the North.


Section III:

This document defines Grandfathering as being eligible to any Nation or Settlement existing within the frozen forest prior to this document, after being approved by the king of Northwatch or another royal representative


Section IV:

All non-citizens of the Kingdom that do not match the requirements laid out in Section II who are found within The Frozen Forest after this act comes into effect are to be considered a treasonous colony against the legitimate monarchy of the Kingdom of Northwatch.


Section V:

Pre-existing colonies, excluding those given grandfathering right, within The Frozen Forest are encouraged to commence immediate diplomatic agreements with the Kingdom of Northwatch before the day that this act comes into effect. 


Section VI:

Foreign diplomats explicitly affiliated with a hostile state found within The Frozen Forest may be subject to questioning, detainment, and execution by order of the High King.


Section VII:

Foreign diplomats with the desire to lay claim in The Frozen Forest must solicit the High King to purchase land in The Frozen Forest.


Signed on the 22nd day of Everspring, 214 ATC


Lord of Northwatch

Rorick Ulriksen