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Northwatch Twinpeaks Trading Agreement  


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08/03/2020 5:01 pm  

                                                                       Twinpeaks-Northwatch Trade Agreement           

Terms and Duration of Contract:

The Twinpeaks trading company would hereby engage in trade for the items listed below, for the prices listed below, for a period of at least one month, on the first of each month this contract must be renewed by both parties, at witch times the prices and other conditions of the contract can be altered.
Northwatch agrees to sell the items listed below to the Twinpeaks Trading company and to no other company, individual, group, nation, location, or other entity. For the sake of this contract ‘selling’ an object includes the following; giving an object in exchange for money or in exchange for goods, in addition to for a future favor or goods or as repayment for a past deed, as well as giving of goods as a gift or without reason at all, and including the harvesting of items from northwatch territory

Items Northwatch is selling:

Ice: 5 drakes per block
Iron: 2 drakes per ingot
Leather: 4 drakes per leather
snow : 1 drake per 16

In exchange for these items the twinpeaks trading company will sell the following items to Northwatch at an exclusive 50% discount. (prices are listed at discounted rate for convenience)
All other parties must make purchase at full price unless they are using a separate discount

Discounted Items From Twinpeaks:

Sugarcane: 1 drake per 3 cane
Potatoes: 1 drakes per spud
Carrot: 1 drakes per root
Wool: 1 drakes per block
Stone: 1 drake per 16 blocks


Rorick, Leader of Northwatch: Rorick Ulriksen

Zumren, Owner of Twinpeaks Trading Company: Zumren Sylsandoral