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Regards to Kolbert the Fugitive  


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20/11/2019 3:49 am  

                Hello, it it I, Kolbert the "fugitive". I am posting this in regards to my being a fugitive. I do admit to striking the king of Calindua. But I remember him deliberately trying to mug me in my own home city so as an act of self-defense, I struck him. And for that, I now have a bounty over my head. This is all blasphemy and lies from Calindua. My colleague Zar aided me in escaping them. And when they realized Zar was helping me, oh, by the way, nobody besides the Calinduian government made these decisions. When they realized Zar was helping me, they attacked him. So not only is there lying involved but the king himself attempted murder on another person who wasn't even part of Calindua. Rodrick, the mayor of Winterheim (my city). And Jovan, the mayor Skalingrad (Zar's city) have agreed that the city of Calindua has no legal claim on this. It is the tounges of Calindua that are poisoning Arkacia. My bounty is a private matter and anybody who takes action with my bounty will be charged accordingly.



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21/11/2019 1:22 am  

Bounties have been doubled.

Rorick and Jovan defended Zar when we came to bring Zar to justice for protecting a wanted fugitive. They soon regretted it.