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Sungaardian Land Claim to Ys'moor Mountains  


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26/02/2020 11:36 pm  

After the death of King Caelyn, his long lost cousin Giovantus The First took up mantle of King. The young, unexperienced man who was also extremely powerful and merciful, became a quick favorite to the citizens of Sungaard. 

King Giovantus decided to save Sungaard after the Great War. There was only one way to do this although, claim the land of Ys'moor Mountains as The Sungaardian pact, allowing all towns within the region to join the nation, with benefits of trade and free entry to the Capital. Quickly Sungaardian Checkpoints started appearing around the land, guarded by the strongest of Sungaardian Soldiers. Any who wish the people of the Pact harm, are refused entry into any towns within the Pact. 

(To Be Continued)