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The Code of Calindua  


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01/12/2019 5:14 am  

As per decree of Grandmaster Caratas, Keeper of the Flame, all Knights of the Order are hereby bound to this code.

I. Knights must provision for the protection of the innocent,

II. Maintain Knightly bearing,

III. Act always as a representative of the Faith,

IV. Commit no acts of war against reason and order,

V. Safeguard the honour and vessels of fellow Knights,

VI. And above all else, obey the Keeper of the Flame.

These tenets have been found necessary for the good order and discipline of the Knights of Calindua. They have been written, lest we forget our sacred duty in this land.

By the Grace of the Flame,

      High Inquisitor Marcus, Keeper of Records

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