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Mikaea and the Fireborns  


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12/01/2020 8:12 pm  

     Fireborns, the divine human. Born from the fire of the gods, fueled by the divine power from their deity bearer. The fireborn race is comprised of 3 generations. 

The first generation, of which born straight from the fire themselves

The second generation, of which born from two fireborns.

The third generation, of which born of the unity of a fireborn and human. Do note that fireborns are not biologically compatible with other races. 

     The first known fireborn was recorded to be Ragnol, born in a church of the goddess Yutlith, goddess of magic, beauty, and youth. The priest of the church took him under his wing, and raised him as a normal human boy. 

     There's only one other widely known Fireborn, and that is Mikaea, priest of Proelius in Sungaard. There are rumors that he's recruiting other Fireborn to raise an army for Sungaard. 

Not much else is known about the Fireborns, but ask Mikaea and you may get some answers... for a price.