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Social Hierarchy of Mytosh  


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At the top of the social hierarchy, we have the God-King, he is the connection between the gods and the humans who pray to them. Not only does he leads both the religious traditions and the secular government of the land. He appoints government officials that must be vetted by the priesthood for their worth. The priests and officials work under the god-king and both turn to him for guidance on matters of the gods and the state. Within Mytosh we see that families of landowning and historical descendants will have formed their own crests of nobility these nobles live a rich and thriving life in mytosh were a day of leisure under the sun is all they have to worry for. They will often give gifts to the God-King in hopes of elevating a member of their family to priesthood or civil servant. The nobles themselves own most of the fertile land in Mytosh and the prime upper city real estate. Although sometimes they might strike deals with shopkeepers or business owners for their services to be within the upper walls. The nobles make most of their money from renting their land to the large amounts of peasants and laborers. The peasants themselves work hard under the desert sun working the land and making little profit for upward mobility. The peasants themselves live a hard life and those that seek relief often turn to religion to solve their problems. The profit the peasants make is often spent on buying food from the merchants and many other small land-owning shopkeepers. Life is tough under the sun but the people in Mytosh have lived through worse.