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The Articles of Caratas  


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Article 1: The beginning 

The Sacred Flame... it calls forth true life. It forms all of those who now walk Arkacia, it determines one's true destiny and dreams. Long before all of evil, there existed Anor and Udun, Gods of the world. Anor believed that life should be free to everyone and that those that follow the true path can one day become the best versions of themselves following the guidelines from him. Udun disagreed with what Anor believed in and thought every being should be immortal and free to do what they would like. The two had different viewpoints and thus as time passed, they became unfriendly towards each other. Anor ruled the majority of the skies and oceans while Udun preferred to control the surface and the underground. Soon enough, the first humans were created; strong, mortal, and intelligent. As Udun tried to create immortality, he failed on doing so, and when some of the humans that went the path Udun envisioned for them, they became undead when they died. Udun got mad at such failure and soon began calling forth a portion of the humans to begin a cult. The cult would be teached the art of Necromancy to give those undead a chance at revival. When Anor heard of such horrendous thing, he confronted Udun and soon they began fighting off. As they both fought off hand to hand, with Udun's willingness to create immortal beings, and Anor wanting to create good-hearted beings, as they simultaneously sent a punch at each other, an extremely strong explosion emerged,there appeared a human who gained the gift of immortality and of good heart named Caratas. The people watching were in awe, Udun and Anor quickly stopped fighting and looked at what they created. Caratas was pure hearted and driven by the Sacred Flame with the gift of immortality, the people all looked up to him and saw him as a deity. Udun offered Caratas an extreme amount of power if he were to serve under him. Caratas unmoved by such a life changing offer respectfully declined and told him that it wasn't the right thing to do. Anor seeing that Caratas was truly a pure being, asked him if he would like to become king of the peoples of the Sacred Flame. Caratas took it into consideration and finally gave message a year later saying yes. Once he was crowned king, he was named Caratas the First. Udun never liked the fact that Caratas declined being on his side and soon took ruler-ship over the people that followed him. Tensions began to rise in that era, and soon the unexpected took place...

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