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The City of Mytosh  


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 Mytosh is influenced by medieval middle eastern life and is a center of trade and prosperity in the badlands. They have built their capital at a prime location with their extensive river networks all over allows them to travel across it effectively. Mytosh is a well-built city in the center of the empire on the largest mountain Oasis in the world. The city a wondrous place of innovation but is held back by its more traditional leaders. The high walls that surround the city also provide the civilians with protection from the frequent dust storms that plague the desert surrounding them. The oasis itself provides a wonderous amount of wildlife and varying medical herbs that help keep the residents here healthy and well-fed. There are 3 different regions in Mytosh. There is a fishing village where it is built on top of the oasis's water with interconnected houses and platforms. There is a walled city where most of the shops and formal government buildings are located protected by many guards. All trade is conducted within these walls. The farmlands are sparsely populated areas located on the river tributaries that flow out of the oasis. These lands are the only fertile place in the desert and provide a hearty harvest twice a year.

The Different Political Groups Living in Mytosh

The “Al-Altaqlid” wish to see their capital focus on preserving their existing way of life and the needs of their religious population. The traditionalist sees progress as a threat to their culture and would see to their country to cut all trade with outsiders. Their idols are to be protected at all costs and any non-believers should be shunned from their communities. They will gladly die fighting protecting their idols.

The “Al-Yawm” wish to see their culture expand their global influence through the usage of these rudimentary muskets and to seize the day. They also view scholars as a way to obtain this global position and will often kidnap them to work for the military. Although they haven't been proved to be doing so. The military engineers had designed what we know as (muskets) “Bunduqiat Qadima” they are called for their ability to propel small Iron pills toward their target at high speeds by use of an explosive powder (Gunpowder).

The “Al-Tajir” wish only to open their lands to the nations of the world. They see coinage as a way of control and the best way to control the world is through the money they use to fund their plans. People often wonder where they get their money from but some suggest it is from their illegal importation of goods.

The “Al-Tadrijiun” seeks to abolish religious worship of the idols and do not believe in their power to control and quell the desert. They wish to continue their studies funded by the government to further their technological leaps. They will try to use what knowledge they have to their advantage crafting political ploys in advance, although never caught a few poisoned water holes had been pointed in their direction.

The Tribal Life

There are 3 main tribes of people. 

There is the Oasis tribe who pray to an Idol that protects them from Locus, they are called the
“Kaj”. They export many wines and fruit drinks to Mytosh and the surrounding villages. Much trade comes through this tribe and they benefit greatly from an extensive network of roads and camels to get them around.

The “Yhim” River tribe prays to an Idol that allows them to control the flooding that is seasonal to them allowing them a plentiful harvest. They export grain and other food necessities to Mytosh.

The “Fa-hamid’ live on a wooden settlement on the largest oasis in the world within the town. The town is built of interconnecting wooden piers and homes that rest on them. They mainly fish and collect seaweed while the entire oasis is freshwater which they drink from. This town, however, suffers from sickness. They pray to an Idol of a small curved woman with coverings from head to toe. In times of mist, it can see this woman come to the aid of people who are sick in the town from the water although these reports were that of drunken men.