The Flame Drives Me  


Rabbitkin Keiko
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01/12/2019 5:54 pm  

I joined the Order to do something more with my life.  To be a part of something more than myself. I joined the Order to make the world a better place.  But it feels like all I've done is languish in an unfinished castle.

I know I'm being immature.  I know I'm being impatient.  I know I should show faith and stay with my brothers.  But the Flame drives me to greater things.  I can feel it burning within me, begging me to use the sword I have begun to embrace.  The Flame wants more from me, I can feel it.  But I don't know what I can do here, in the middle of nowhere.  I'm sorry, my brothers, but I cannot stay with you, much as it pains me to leave.  My prayers go with you, and I can only hope yours go with me.

-Terisha, Initiate of the Order of the Sacred Flame