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The Insanity Of King Giovantus I of Sungaard  


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17/03/2020 9:34 pm  

As conspiracies and new threats arrive to Sungaard, their King, Giovantus, became weary both mentally and physically. Constantly looking over his shoulder, the King started showing signs of dementia and insanity. If not locked up in his castle, Giovantus would be surrounded by his royal guard at all times, fearing his execution was just around the corner. Slowly the King would retreat to his castle for longer and longer amounts of times. Some say when they were near the castle at night could hear his deranged laughing, but they could hear no other voice with the King.

After a devastating event at the Sungaardian Barracks, Giovantus decided to go into hiding, for he could trust no one but himself. Only a few months later, Sungaard would realize their leader has abandoned them due to his loss of sanity. With the King stuck in his castle, His citizens were forced to fend for themselves, which made many people angry, including those nations who had trading treaties with Sungaard. Who knows what will become of the Great Sungaardian Nation now...

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