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[Closed] Jack (JGHaynie)'s Staff Application  


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05/12/2019 4:54 am  
  1. Name (Discord name and ign name)

    Yes, Discord: JackHaynie.#9559 MC: JGHaynie (Will be AdruptBaker7209 in 30 days)

  2. Do you have a working microphone?

    Yes, I use my phone as my microphone for some of the time but it just depends on where I am.

  3. Your timezone:

    Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

  4. Age?:

    I am currently 17 years of age.

  5. Position you would like. (Helper, Developer, Builder, Moderator, Other)?:


    Moderator, or Manager, Helper, Developer (Config, I can code but not that much java i know more html, php than java so) 

  6. Why do you want staff?:

    I would love to become staff on  ArkaciaMC, I have so much experience being staff which you can read below because im not gonna explain that again. I wish to become staff on the server because I believe I can use my customer support skills and helpfulness to help the players that join ArkaciaMC.


    If I was were to get accepted as a staff member I would be as helpful as I can depending on the positon i am put in. Even if i dont get accepted I will still play but it will depend on my schedule for work.

  7. Past experience?:

    I was recently Dev/Owner/Manager on a server called Matsulyu Network (PM to get IP and other information) , I custom coded the hub server and made the factions server but the other owner thought i downloaded them even though i didnt so he "demoted" me even though i pay for the servers so i kinda quit and he now pays and deals with that stuff, technically i own the rights to the server but i dont want to get into the legal actions etc so i quit and let him have the server and files.

    Before that I was Sr. Admin/Manager on a server called RisenCloud(PM to get IP and other information) but its currently down because they have gotten a lot of hackers and i was accused of being the hacker by everyone so i decied to step down as staff and i needed more time to work on school and work and spend time with my family and girlfriend and friends so. If you have any questions for me please message me on discord to get more info about my experience at JackHaynie.#9559 on Discord. I also do Discord Setups if you need one made join https://discord.gg/ uTcfFMkand i will talk to you there. 🙂 

  8.  How would you help out with the server?:

    I can provide my willingness to help players when they join and help them if they have questions or concerns about how towny and how the server works.

  9. How much time can you dedicate to the server?:

    I can dedicate around 2-3 or more hours a day depending on my hours for work, i work around 20+ hours a week so... But ill tell you more information of when i work if you consider me becoming staff in the future.

  10. Are you a patient person?:

    Yes, i am a very patient person, but it depends on what it is

  11. Do you have any other skills?:

    I can help customers if you need that, i work at Chick-Fil-A and have to deal with a lot of customers so I understand that 🙂

  12. Do you have any connections that we could benefit (developer etc.)?:

    I have a lot of experience in configuring plugins, and coding some, including coding html and some php, Discord Setups ( https://discord.gg/uTcfFMk ), I can show you some examples if you private message me 🙂

  13. Anything else you want to tell us? (Optional)

    I am a very respectful and nice person, and can help you with about anything, if you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask.