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26/11/2019 6:26 pm  

Name: Smokie_Quartz
MC Name: Solis_Quartz (my smokie account got borked)
Discord: Smokie Quartz#0012
Working Mic: Yup
Time zone: BST (+0)
Age: 19
position: Builder
why: I like to build cool stuff and I like a challenge and a propose to build.
experience: I've been builder and head builder on multiple public servers in past and run a build team.
How I'd help: Building ships i guess? wherever im needed
Dedication: I only work in the evenings other than that I can be a frequent player
Am I Patient?: I'd like to think so
other skills: good question... In life I do but none are really worth relating to building
Connections: my build crew consists of two others that MAY be interested in
thanks <3