The Story So Far

Year 1 of the First Era (1E 1) – A nomadic warrior tribe known as the “Suns,” migrates from the east and settle in an abandoned keep of unknown origin. This keep becomes Castle Sungaard.

1E 60 – Migrants from the west settle the town of Winterheim.

1E 512 – Merchant vessels from across Arkacia begin arriving in Valyn, carrying survivors of various shipwrecks.

1E 513 Winterheim begins to warn southern kingdoms of a possible threat farther past the Frozen Forests.

1E 518Maul, the “Father of Dragons”, and a ferocious beast, makes his appearance known to the people of Arkacia, ransacking all of Hedinn, a town under the control of Winterheim at the time. The time of dragons was yet at hand.

1E 519Maul had disappeared, and so had his fellow dragons. The men of the North were finally at rest, and we able to rebuild Hedinn.