What is Arkacia?

Arkacia is an MMORPG experience, in Minecraft.

The Founders of Arkacia strive to create, continuously update, and cultivate the ultimate, immersive, MMORPG experience in Minecraft, by combining the best aspects of the MMORPG genre, and the best aspects of Minecraft.

In addition to everything Vanilla Minecraft offers, Arkacia currently offers a few main features:
Adventure – Travel a vast, custom world, full of villages, towns, and cities.
Dungeons – Team-up with other players, or solo battle monsters and bosses for loot.
Custom Items – Smelt custom materials and ores, buy furniture and artwork, and even brew your own alcohol.
PvP and War – Fight other players in duels, in the wilderness, or declare war on another kingdom.
RP Events – Take an active part in the ever-changing politics and culture of Arkacia. The server story-line and lore is directly influenced by players.
Community – Meet and interact with a global player-base, and enjoy camaraderie both in-game and out-of-game.

With more features constantly being added.