Beginner’s Guide to Arkacian Crafting

This is a tutorial on how to use the new crafting system. This system does not involve using the normal vanilla crafting table.

Gold: Crafting Stations
Cyan: Materials
Blue: Custom Crafted Item
Red: Times or Delays

The new crafting system begins by crafting together 2 logs of any kind. Just like you would sticks with planks.

After you have crafted the crafting stump you can right click it and get a new gui. This is the starting gui for crafting. What you want to do now is break tall grass, dirt and leaves for sticks, rocks and twine. Once you have everything you can work towards making a rock pickaxe. Once you have 10 rocks, 10 twine and 2 sticks you are good to go! Click the rock pickaxe in the stump gui. Once you have done that you will have to wait 10 seconds. After that you can take it out on the bottom row with all the glass panes. The stump can have 10 items crafting at once.After you get a pickaxe you want to gather some cobblestone to craft into rocks(or take the long way of breaking dirt).

Finally you want to create your kiln. Your kiln will allow you to make a smeltery, casts, and lava crystals! Once you make your kiln you want to go out and either buy or break clay and craft dry clay. Dry clay can be made into all the above and more.

In order to progress into tools you want to gather gravel, sand and a lot of dry clay.Once you have all this you can make seared bricks to seared brick blocks and finally into a smeltery. The smeltery has requirements for crafting which can be seen in /profile. The requirements go up for every tier of tools or armor you want to make.