Pantheon of the Seven


Description: Father of all gods, keeper of balance between chaos and order. He also appoints individuals in certain events to help keep balance. He is rumored to have the ability to shapeshift, and has been prominent in Arkacia the entire time.

Origin: All of Arkacia, rumored to be born from the mountains in the Frozen Forest.

Symbology: Wolf

Imperitis Mithris

Description: God of Light, and first born of Jysgrimar and Kyrnn. Worshiped mostly by non-humans.

Origin: Forged from dragon bone and ash, and molded in Jysgrimar’s image, given reign over the heavens.

Symbology: Dragon


Description: God of Nature and Guardian of the Forests. Treantus is the last born of Jysgrimar and Kyrnn, and is worshipped mostly by the Anari.

Origin: Rumored to be once an Anari chieftain, and praised in the afterlife by Jysgrimar, given the powers to tend to nature and the creatures of Arkacia as they see fit.

Symbology: Stag


Description: Wife of Jysgrimar, and mother of the Gods. She is goddess of fertility and abundance. She could be called upon for assistance in childbirth and conception, to aid with marital problems, or to bestow fruitfulness upon the land and sea.

Origin: Born half mortal, due to unknown limitations of her surfacing, and is more keen to the mortal realm, Jysgrimar bestows her given gifts in effort to give some aid to those in need of it.

Symbology: Rabbit


Description: Third born of Jysgrimar and Kyrnn, and is the God of Ressurection. He is is often connected to the cycle of death and rebirth. Borbas was beautiful and radiant, and was often worshiped by all races.

Origin: Forged from Jysgrimar’s own skin and bone, Borbas was given reign over the underworld. Those who passed on in the real realm, would be sent to him for judgement before gaining access to Vaniheim(Heaven) or being sent to eternal purgatory.

Symbology: Tree of Life


Description: Fourth born of Jysgrimar and Kyrnn. Altir is the God of the Sea. Many sailors and pirates worship him and pray for safe voyage at sea.

Origin: Born in the Northern Sea, often revered as the god of Pirates.

Symbology: Ship Helm


Description: Fifth born of Jysgrimar and Kyrnn. Syv is the Goddess of Prophecy. Many scribes have documented, what they feel is a prophecy passed onto them by Syv herself.

Origin: Strongest of the Gods, with the ability to forsee nearly all possible outcomes of the future. Syv tends to keep to herself, and not tamper with the mortals less the threat be to great that the people of Arkacia is in need of her gift

Symbology: Infinity Symbol