Arkacia: Darkspire

We appreciate your patience while the staff has gone through some much-needed development time.

We have a BIG announcement coming up, and we anticipate that there might be a lot of confusion, and a lot of questions! We ask that you put any questions you might have in our new #questions-and-answers channel.

So, what have we been working on, you ask? Well, it’s a little something we are calling:

Arkacia: Darkspire

Arkacia: Darkspire, is the first of 8 planned Beta phases for this server. The map has been split into 8 regions, and each Beta phase will focus on a particular region of the server. The first of course, being Darkspire.

Why Did We Do This?

At the end of the day, Arkacia’s vision involves a dynamic, player-driven world of trading, war, and diplomacy. When players are spread out across a 20k x 17k map, these things become much more difficult to implement. It is our hope and expectation that as the map expands, our player count will increase, keeping towns and nations in close enough proximity to each other that these diplomacy mechanics remain engaging and fruitful.

It also gives the staff time to develop regions in the background, whilst all the players enjoy the more focused experience.

But What is Arkacia: Darkspire, Anyway?

Arkacia: Darkspire, takes players to the town of Grimoir, in Arkacia’s southernmost colony, Darkspire. Darkspire is a land full of tribal superstitions, and menacing creatures.

Mysteriously, townsfolk of Grimoir have been disappearing. Only you, an outlander, are trustworthy enough to solve this mystery. That is, if the Arkacian Empire doesn’t try to solve it themselves, with brute force.

Okay Enough Info! When Is It Releasing?

We’re planning to open this Tuesday, September 1st. This is Arkacia, so as you know, that could change. We will keep you all updated if things change!
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