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[Alinfor] The Sanctum of Bludice  


Von Bludice
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01/09/2020 8:54 pm  

Name: Alinfor

Leader: Vuldin Bludice

Nation: The Alurian Dominion


A Town established by the Pure bloods of Bludice. Here lies the Sanctum of the Lord and the Main Temple to Sanguine, as well as the Primary Might of The Dominion.

As part of the Vampiric Culture, Servants enjoy their mornings, running about so that when the Night comes and their Masters awake, they can avoid becoming replaceable and the chance of not being devoured by the Nobles.

A Festival of Blood is Held at the Temple of Sanguine on the night of Red Moons, an event often held back in their Homeland of Necromia before its destruction.

“In the Dominion, we ask nicely first. Then we make an Offer... we never said you’ll accept it willingly, of course...” - Vuldin, talking to a Renegade Vampire who was captured, Shortly before he was executed for attempted Assassination, and a Bloodline was purged from the Capital.

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