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Arkacia: Darkspire (Beta Phase 1)  


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31/08/2020 5:50 pm  

We’re expecting a lot of questions about the server’s new direction, so feel free to ask those here! I’ll be sharing a couple of FAQs or anticipated questions, so that there isn’t an excess of the same questions!

Can I still build my town?

Yes, you can still build your own towns, villages, cities, castles, etc. There’s plenty of land open for building, and we hope the close proximity to Grimoir, Castle Darkspire, the Empire’s Outpost, and other player towns will encourage active trading and diplomacy.

Is each Beta stage going to be locked to just one region? What will happen to my town in Darkspire when we move to Beta 2?

Nope! The idea is that the map will gradually expand with each Beta release. Each Beta will include all previous regions, while adding an additional region. For example, Beta 2 will feature Darkspire AND a new region.

What about the rest of the map? I want to build over there!

We are taking things one region at a time. The ultimate goal is to have the entire map open for use, but the sheer size of the map makes some of our best and most enjoyable features, like war and diplomacy, really hard to implement in a beginning stage.

Will my town be locked to the region of Darkspire once the other regions are released? What if I want to live in a region that isn’t released yet?

As always, you are free to do whatever you wish with your town. Once the other regions are released, you can pick up everything and migrate, or you can build a new settlement in addition to your current town.

We are hoping that players opt for the latter, as this will give nations that have been around since Beta 1 the opportunity to expand and gather power across the entire land of Arkacia, if they so choose.

Do I have to take part in the questline?

While players are encouraged to take part in the main questline, and reap the rewards it gives, players are not required to. If questing isn’t your thing, you’re absolutely free to just build your town and interact with other players. Please keep in mind however that these Beta stages and regions each serve as prequels of sorts to the main Arkacian storyline.

When can I expect the other regions to be released? Is each region going to have as much content as the last?

We have yet to decide how long to wait between region/beta releases. Please understand that it takes the staff a fair bit of time (our free time, might I add) to develop towns, mechanics, and all the other things you love about our server.
That being said, the plan is to have “smaller” content updates in between the “bigger” updates.

While Darkspire features a questline with several NPCs and a great deal of lore, Beta 2 is planned to feature and test a particular gameplay mechanic that we are very excited about. So while some regions may be smaller in the scope of content, they will still add exciting features that will layer on top of each other to create the full Arkacian experience we envision.

How does each region factor into the overall lore and story?

We don’t want to spoil too much, but let’s just say the politicians and powers of Arkacia are far-reaching, and very cunning. 😉

How do players affect that lore? Do players still make an impact on server events? Or are these fixed storylines?

Beta 2 will introduce a gameplay mechanic that gives players the opportunity to directly influence the lore and overall server storyline. It is our philosophy as a staff that we should write lore that is adaptable, and lore that is planned to change, should players desire to change it in a certain way. This does not mean that questlines and our storylines for each reason won’t have fixed outcomes (it would be near impossible for them not to).