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Elefterian Emperor Kiirion  


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Name: Kiirion
Race: Elnari
Age: 32
Height: 6''5'
Weight: 170lbs
Eye-Color: Blue
Hair-Color: Brown
General Description:
A tall Imperious figure, usually wearing some form of heavy armor every day and with a near permanent scowl on his face 
Character Description:
Kiirion was raised in the capital city of Elefteria, Galadmir, and was naturally educated in high society and other things that he would need should his father, Zumren, ever perish and he gained his responsibilities. after his father's disappearance Kiirion was the victim of a rebellion, this rebellion was caused in part when the populous found out that several nobles had taken part in causing the disappearance of Zumren, who had been a highly esteemed ruler himself.
Kiirion attempted to talk to the gathering crowds before they attacked and stop them from attacking, even ordering his troops to withdraw as a sign of trust.
he was then subsequently nearly trampled to death as the mob stormed the castle and killed all the nobles, after recovering Kiirion responded with extreme aggression after being upset at the news of the death of several of his (innocent) friends as well as that he would be unable to discover what happened to his father now that the perpetrators had been killed, and ordered his soldiers to decimate the populous as retribution, and has since been ruling with an iron fist, having replaced many of the now-deceased nobles positions with well performing generals and other military leaders, and now he needs to continue ruling that way to retain their support and prevent a coup. after the years of seeing the effects of this he began to feel bad for his subjects, and started sneaking out disguised at night to help the more impoverished parts of his empire, giving gold and generally doing what he can to help people, he knows he can't help even a small portion of those his ruling hurts, but he doesn't know how to stop without getting himself killed and having those who do so do even more without him stopping them. 

while acting as emperor:
Cold-Hearted, Demanding and Ruthless, will often play hard into Elnari stereotypes, almost dismissing entirely anybody who is not Elnari themselves, will frequently belittle his subjects and talk down to leaders of other nations.

While disguised:
Silent and efficient, tries not to speak as much as possible so his voice is not possibly recognized and when needed will be blunt and to the point, most of his activities involve providing secret assistance to people in need by dropping gold or food on their doorstep, or by sabotaging orders he himself made earlier in the day.

How he Ended up in Arkacia:
Kiirion's advisor and High General, Reoline had been advising the conquering and enslavement of alternate realms for several years, and after some hints that to continue to refuse might make other members of the nobility think him weak, Kiirion relented, Arkacia is the first attempt at doing so, but the relatively hostile environment in darkspire, combined with many magical items from Kiirion's home realm not functioning in this one has caused many issues.

Kiirion does not yet know that this happens to be the same realm Zumren was banished to so many years ago.

Possible Lore Items:

Elefterian Crown:
The Elefterian Crown is a small ordeal in the appearance of a golden laurel crown, with gem-encrusted leaves and silver-veined vines, this was exceedingly enchanted in Eleferia's "Golden Age" and gives the wearer an obscene amount of mana regeneration while worn. at the top of the crown there was also a larger gem, held up by a pair of leaves, legends say this gem also gave the wearer enough magical prowess to level mountains at a whim and rewrite the universe itself, however that was locked away by one of the previous emperors, and has since been lost to time.

Darkness Generator:
after nearly being caught while sabotaging a platoon of soldiers in their attempt to burn down a section of a city, Kiirion purchased a device from a black market dealer to make escape easier should it happen again, this is in the shape of a small, hexagonal silver locket, when opened it makes a 100 foot radius around itself completely and totally dark (if you were holding a torch, you could not even see the flames) for 15 seconds... but every time this locket is used kiirion can here whispering in his mind from some eldritch source, so he does his best to not have to.

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