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Name: Isaac Thawn

Race: Human

Age: 28

Physical Description: He is 6'1.5", lean with slight muscle, Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, has a large scar on his right forearm from a dagger wound

Backstory: He was thrown out as a teen for being violent. He grew up on the streets pickpocketing and stealing to survive, and was rarely caught doing so, although when he was caught when he was younger he would run away, but as he grew older, and stronger, he realized his potential for fighting, and instead of running, he would stand his ground. When he was about 19 he saw a wanted poster with a handsome reward for a servant of a baron, posted by the baron, accusing him of stealing and slander. This would be the first time he would hunt someone down. When he snuck into his house at night, the servant was awake, waiting, expecting someone to come for him. when Isaac and the servant began to fight, the servant lost, and when he was pinned down, he confessed to the accusations, so loud, that the neighbors heard him, and when Isaac went to leave, the servant pulled a dagger and sliced Isaac's arm, and then Isaac headbutted the servant, took the dagger, and plunged it into the servant's heart. that was the first time Isaac had ever killed anyone. after that, he went straight to the baron, collected his reward, then the baron cut ties, to avoid any "unpopular attention". After that day, Isaac kept doing jobs of that sort, for whoever would pay. Then one day he got a rather peculiar and challenging job, steal a ring from the mayor of the town. He naturally took the job, seeing as how it payed well, and set off to scout out his target. After the scouting, he realized there was a window in the back that he could sneak through, and so when night set in, that is exactly what he did. He rummaged through the house almost trashing the place, till he noticed two floor boards that didn't quite match up. Isaac bent down and peeled up one of the boards, to reveal a small hole in the ground, with some drakes, some notes, and a strange box. In the box, was a ring, a black ring with a shiny white pearl inlayed in it. He knew this was what the job was for, he could feel it in his bones. As soon as he closed the box, he heard a creak of the floor boards, and turned around to see the mayor standing there, arrow drawn in his bow, aimed at Isaac. Isaac quickly rolled towards the front door, as the mayor shot his arrow, almost hitting Isaac's back. Isaac busted through the front door, alerting the guards on patrol. Not knowing what to do, he put on the ring, threw the box and stated running, fast, really fast, as if the ring had given the speed he needed to get away. and as he was running, he heard the mayor yell, "If I ever see you again Ill have you hung!" Isaac kept running, and the speed had seemed to stay with him, until he took it off near some towns folk, who some of them gasped, as if the had seen a ghost, and then he put it back on, out of confusion, and then heard them gasp again, and them all mutter things like "did you see that?" or "Where did he go?", which is when he truly realized what this ring did. He never finished the job by giving the ring to the employer, but instead used it to steal even more riches, but he was never able to go back to his home town, and instead decided to go and explore the world. In his travels he had learned how to pickpocket near flawlessly with the ring, and one day he found a map, a strange one that had no description, just a location from the town he was in. He decided to follow the map, which led him a quite a track, but eventually he found the destination, an old abandoned temple, but the engravings on the wall were to eroded and overtaken by vegetation to tell what it was for. All he found was a pedestal and the back, with a spot that looked like you would place a dagger into. And so he took out his own dagger, and put it in the hole, and it fit, seeing as how it was a somewhat common dagger. and then he heard clicking, and it revealed a chest behind him, and in it was an abnormal dagger, with a silver handle and what seemed to be a slightly red crystal blade, with weird gray engraving all over it that seemed to glow faintly of a deep purple, and a odd circle on top. When he gripped the dagger and pressed the circle, he was suddenly about 10 feet in front of where he was standing. He pressed it again, and it seemed to do nothing, then later that day, as he was heading back to town, he decided to try it again, and he was teleported forward again.  He kept the dagger, and continued his journey across Arkacia, and had many more adventures.

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