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Age: Unknown (Some rumors say he has been around far longer then most believe)

From: Necromia, Land of Dark Magic that had Godly Fury that rained down upon it, destroying the Land while displacing the Lord of the Dominant Purebloods and his Followers that managed to survive the destruction of their Former Land.

Description: 7’4, Pale skin with pure crimson eyes. Black hair with white at the Roots and tipped with a dark red.

Religion: The Blood Cult of Sanguine, his Patroness.


-A Foreign Vampyre Lord who was brought to Arkacia after a Long voyage across the dark seas, after their former homeland was destroyed by a massive war that turned it asunder and was purified by the Gods: Eliminating All who attempted to oppose them. Severely Weakened as his Goddess used her power to protect him from as much harm as she could, he gathered the surviving Loyalists that he could find (Those who were not beside him and had not been near the destruction) and fled the Ruined Land, knowing that when one offends the Gods, that their Homeland is soon eradicated.

He knows not who offended the Gods, and slightly believes it was his own Patroness that offended them, but her own power now has been weakened immensely, her only surviving worshippers being the Bludice Bloodline that follows her Champion, and the only source of Faith for her. A Foreigner to these lands, she is unable to gather any Faith from those who the Bludice have not yet encountered.

A Vampyre Lord who prefers Action over Diplomacy, who constantly fights for his Sanity against his own Patroness who demands that he spread her faith so that she can rise to her former power. What will come of the Lands when he finally breaks..


What he typically Wears:


Head: A Blackened Skull-Styled Helmet, Inscribed with a Runic Prayer to Sanguine, revigorating the Wearer’s Mental Energy to keep them awake no matter the Stress.

Chest-Legs: Blood Red Armor, that seem to gleam and absorb the spilt Blood of the Fallen.

Boots: Black Boots made out of the same material as the chest & legs, studs that allow the Wearer to keep their grip no matter the terrain.. or the person beneath him...

Main Weapon:[Levitamus], a Scythe blessed by the Goddess Sanguine, that’s also possessed by a Servant of Hers. It is capable of Changing it’s Form, however it eventually coaxes the user into using it like the Scythe it was made as. A Dark Red Crystal sits in the section where the blade meets the handle, that seems like the Eye of the Scythe.

Side Weapon: [???], a one Handed Sickle-styled blade, serrated on the inside and typically used when the Terrain is disfavorable to the use of a Scythe. It is used for Interrogation & Execution, typically latter following quickly after the former.

Other Items of his Possession:

Athimia - (RP) - Sacred Dagger of Sanguine, used for Sacrifices in her name. Typically used on Prisoners, Slaves and those who have reached the end of their Life that wish to give themselves up for the Goddess.

Sanguine Lockett - (Artifact) - Item of Sanguine that allows the wearer to draw on her power while also allowing her to monitor them. This is given only to her Champions and that have gone through the Gauntlet for her Favor.

Signet Ring of Bludice - (Ring/Artifact) - Symbol of Power held only by the Lord of the Pure Von Bludice Bloodline. Emits a faint aura that Suppresses nearby members of the Bloodline, making them second guess any idea of Betryal.

“In the Dominion, we ask nicely first. Then we make an Offer... we never said you’ll accept it willingly, of course...” - Vuldin, talking to a Renegade Vampire who was captured, Shortly before he was executed for attempted Assassination, and a Bloodline was purged from the Capital.

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