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Power Gaming

Power gaming is a style of interacting with games or game-like systems, particularly with the aim of maximizing progress towards a specific goal. Forcing your actions on other characters. Therefore you must roleplay realistically, and allow others to respond appropriately to your actions.


Using Out-of-Character information In-Character. This can be things like knowing a player’s name when they haven’t introduced themselves or knowing where something is from OOC and going to that exact place in RP.

Being In Character

You must be In-Character at all times. Or at least, willing to roleplay or be taken in character should someone choose to.  Do not avoid roleplay. Logging out or ignoring other people without roleplay is considered rude.

Realism and Keeping Things Friendly

No popular names or skins. Do not name your character after another from popular media, or use an easily recognizable character as a skin.

Use a setting-appropriate skin on the server.

No ERP, or erotic roleplay. If sexual encounters happen in roleplay, fade to black. Do not go into explicit detail. Both characters AND players must be at least 18 years of age.

No extreme content. Don’t roleplay things such as rape, pedophilia, et cetera. If you feel it necessary to include that sort of content in a character’s backstory, keep it at a minimum.

Do not roleplay having items on your person that you do not have in your inventory. That being said you may add them to your backstory and bring them in using lore tokens  later. Just not roleplaying with them before then.

Being Captured in Roleplay

A captured character can only be held for 24 hours and must be given sufficient roleplay. Otherwise, staff may release them early.

Character Death Rules 

In general, a character cannot be killed in roleplay without the player’s consent. This goes for anything. Assassination, execution, random murder, et cetera. However, there are a few exceptions...

1. Taking an antagonistic action towards another character that could be reasonably expected to produce violent results will void this. 

2. For example, Threatening a character with a crossbow or Magic would allow that character to retaliate with lethal force. Alternatively, resisting an armed bandit could result in the victim being killed.

This can apply to situations outside of combat or the like. Antagonistic actions need not be directly violent in nature. Situations such as betraying a character’s secrets as a trusted confidant or working as a spy or informant both could reasonably be expected to have fatal consequences if found out. Additionally, playing a ruling or notable political figure tends to antagonize someone by their very nature, even if that someone is a criminal.

However, this does NOT apply to situations in which a character has an unusually violent response to a situation. Using the excuse that a character was provoked is not enough to kill another character. Remember, these rules are for extreme situations.


****These rules are subject to interpretation and ultimately will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Use these as a guideline. The staff has the final say in all rules.

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Suggestion of allowance of resurrection for killed characters.  I'm running along and get banditted and die and be stressed.  But my friends or some other entity can 'initiate respawn' after a wait time perhaps, and  I can continue about my day?  Ohhh, okay then, all is well.


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Lol the site thinks it's January.