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The Exiled Lord  


Von Bludice
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02/09/2020 6:02 am  

In a Foreign Land, two opposing Armies crashed into each other: The Crimson Army of the Pureblood Lords of the Night, and the Holy Army of the Ancient Archmages, the Servants of the Gods. The Battle was Hard fought, Holy Knights and Vampires falling left and Right, as the Captains seeked each other out to remove the great threats the represented... As the Archmages casted their spells and the High Lord Assaulted them, right when it seemed that he might finally break through their defenses... it Happened...

The Sky Crackled with Fire, Flames eradicated the Opposing Army and the Lord’s own. As he thought his life was over, a Crimson shield surrounded him, a seductive voice whispered in his ear:

”Survive, My Champion. Live on, Escape these Lands Quickly.. I shall Protect you for as long as I can...”

His World was covered in the Pure Fire, the Divine shield made to protect him wasn’t able to hold back all the heat, scarring his flesh and cooking him from the inside, before it finally subsided and he was left alone in a scorched land, the Fury of the Gods moving on. It was time to Leave.

If he was to save his Followers and have a better chance at Regaining his Former Power... he has to Hurry...

“In the Dominion, we ask nicely first. Then we make an Offer... we never said you’ll accept it willingly, of course...” - Vuldin, talking to a Renegade Vampire who was captured, Shortly before he was executed for attempted Assassination, and a Bloodline was purged from the Capital.