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The Traveler  


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02/09/2020 12:21 am  

The traveler was swift. The traveler was agile. The traveler was warm, well rested, and eager. Deadly skeletons shot at her. Poisonous spiders ran at her. They were gaining on her. They would catch her. But she was close to her prize. So, it would not matter.

One zombie.

It saw her. And she saw it. It lumbered, slowly. It hungered. It ached. It groaned. And she ran at it--punching, backpedaling, swinging her tiny fists. She needed it. It needed to die. She needed... it... to die. Either it died, or she died. It wanted to eat her.

And then it was dead. And she ate of its flesh.

Yet still she hungered.


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16/09/2020 11:36 pm  

canablism before u became a vampire shame fia shame. its definitely ok after u became a vamp of course

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